Are you interested in scheduling a visit?

    Thera-Pets does not charge to visit facilities so that everyone is able to
    receive our services.
    (Please remember our organization relies entirely on private donations,
    so please if you can consider making a donation)

    What can you expect from our visit?
  • We will arrive on time - if a situation arises and we will be late or
    not be able to attend we will make every effort to contact the
    number we have on file.
  • We will clean the donkeys feet before going inside.
  • Volunteers will be trained to handle the donkeys.
  • We will stay inside for a limited amount of time, since the
    donkeys are not house broke, we limit the time indoors to avoid
    any accidents.
  • We will allow anyone who wants to pet the donkeys to do so.
  • We will answer questions you may have.  
  • We will have a record of the donkeys vaccines, with us and will
    show the paperwork to anyone who would like to review them
    either before the visit begins or at the end of the visit.
  • We will assist in facilitating the interaction with folks and the
  • We will maintain control of the bunny that we usually bring to
    facilities. Petting is permitted but we will not allow anyone to
    hold the bunny.

    What can you do to help us have a successful visit.
  • Gathering in a large day room is the best situation so we have
    time to visit everyone for a extended time. (We do go room to
    room but this limits our visits to each person to just a couple
    minutes each)
  • Please space the chairs out whenever possible so that we can walk
    the donkey in between the chairs. This makes it easier to get the
    donkeys to walk up to a person when they can see a way out.
  • Make sure no food is out and if any of the folks we are visiting
    has the smell of food on there hands please have them use hand
    sanitizer or soap and water prior to our visit so that our donkeys
    do not smell it on anyone's hands.
  • Our donkeys are not house broke so please be mindful of
    expensive carpeting and avoid having us in those areas.
  • Please make sure floors are dry in the areas the donkeys will be
    going, wet floors are just like a sheet of ice to our donkeys.
  • Make a donation!

    When do we schedule visits
    Typically our visits are week days between the hours of 9am -4pm.
    Visits Nov.- March are weather permitting.

    We do occasionally schedule visits outside the parameters, if we
    have volunteers available.

    We try to schedule at least 2 visits in the same area if we can. We
    do appreciate suggestions on facilities in the area that might like a
    visit. It's especially helpful if you can assist with scheduling other

Donkey Visitation program
Ken Besaw with Fay
one of our very well
trained donkeys. She
has been going into
facilities for 5 years.
Pine Harbour Visit
Thera-Pets - Visitation program
Dream is a very
sweet and gentle