Donkey & Friends Animal Assisted Therapy
Donkey & Friends Animal Assisted Therapy
Due to Covid -19 we will continue to host individual families.
Masks are required! There are several handsanitizing stations and it is required to
sanitize your hands before entering the animals areas, this is to help prevent the spread
and also to remove smells from your hands that the animals might think are food.

Kickin' Up Dust Farm will remain hopeful that we will be able to offer the fall session of
Donkeys and Friends Animal Assisted Therapy
This group is open to disabled children, we welcome siblings, parents, caregivers, or
Direct Support Staff will stay on the farm to assist with those that need help. Parents are
encouraged to network with other parents and enjoy some respite if the child is
participating with the group.
If you would like to learn more about our group email
Donkey & Friends Group Application
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Please remember that Thera-Pets relies entirely on private donations
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