Our New Trailer - Thank you to
John, Erin and family for creating
and installing the decals on the
truck and trailer.
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Thera-Pets, Inc.
How We're Helping
We provide facility visitation with therapy donkeys and sometimes other farm
We provide on-site farm visits.
We attend other non-profits organizations events.
We provide education  to schools about donkeys and animal assisted therapy.
We provide training for volunteers who have a passion for working with
animals and making a difference in peoples daily lives.
Getting Involved
Are you passionate about helping others?
We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality.
We help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you.
We're excited to have you join our team.
To learn more about volunteering with our organization,
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Thank you
Weather you help through monetary or other donations, volunteering your
time, or spreading our mission through word -of -mouth, thank you. We
couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.
Our Mission
Improve human health through the use of farm animals.
Our Goals
To continue traveling to facilities and provide therapy visits. In addition we
will provide on-site programs and visitation.
We hope to provide programs tailored to the individuals needs and abilities.
Donkeys are smaller and less intimidating then some farm animals
allowing someone with no animal experience to get close to them. They
are naturally calm animals, often choosing to stand stoic in a crisis while
deciding what to do. They are very social animals and love attention.
Other farm animals
Why Donkeys?
We currently have a bunny that travels to the nursing homes.
On the farm we have a variety of other animals goats, horses, alpacas,
chickens, ducks, peacocks, and  pigeons.
Thera-Pets                                                    Improving Human Health One Bray At A Time
Our New Trailer
Thank you to John, Erin and family
for creating and installing the
decals on the truck and trailer.
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Thera-Pets sponsoring Donkey and Friends Animal Assisted
Therapy on Kickin' Up Dust Farm
Board Member and
Volunteer Christine Bush
with Lilly
Nigerian Dwarf Goat
on Kickin' Up Dust Farm
Volunteer Perry Lamoy  at
Clinton County Fair with
Grace and Cookie
Board member  and
volunteer Jackie Douglass
with Kooper
on Kickin' Up Dust Farm
Board member and
Ken Besaw with Fay
on a Therapy visit  
Sue Lamoy with Celeste visiting our dear Gladys at Clinton County Nursing Home

Volunteer Allison Stanley
with Kooper
on Kickin' Up Dust Farm
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video about the book
Board Member and Volunteer
Holly Besaw
with Ellie at CVPH
Volunteer Jim Douglas with Jessie
and Kooper at a fund raiser
Web Mastered by Holly Besaw
How Thera-Pet's got it's start
Board of Directors

Holly Besaw

Christine Bush
Vice President

Susan Lamoy

Jackie Douglass

Janet Calkins

Sae-Jin Trombley

Candyce Trombley

Kenneth Besaw

Tony Trombley

James Douglass
Thank you for your
continued support.
Thera-Pets, Inc. is indebted to our founder Dr. Reverend Kenneth Parker, his
passion for helping people and giving back to his community has been the
hallmark of his career and life. In 2003, after retiring from 33 years as serving
as pastor for Peru Community Church Rev. Parker decided he was still not
done serving his community. He has always had a great love of animals and
instinctive drive to help people and a keen sense of the incredible connection
between people and animals.

His personal and professional experiences had taught him that the
human animal connection could have profound healing benefits for children
and adults. This prompted the idea to start an animal therapy program. Dr.
Parker’s creative and unique, thought of using farm animals, proved to be
something special and different. Ken along with a small group of volunteers
started Thera-Pets for people with intellectual, developmental disabilities and
the elderly.

Dr. Parker first tried raising rabbits, and various breeds of birds but found they
were not the best option for therapy work.  While
visiting Jamaica he interacted with miniature donkeys and immediately fell in
love. When he returned, he quickly purchased several donkeys. The donkeys
turned out to be the perfect animal their calm, even-tempered, intelligent,
sensitive manor allowed Thera-Pets to flourish and continue to enrich all the
lives of the participants and volunteers. We now visit numerous facilities
throughout the North Country and beyond and
our children's program continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs of
the children in the North Country.  We can’t thank Dr. Parker enough
for his contributions.